Doula Services

What is a Doula?

A doula is a professional who supports a mother and her partner physically, and emotionally, during birth. She helps guide the mother through non-medical pain relieving techniques.Organic Birthing Doula Services

How does a doula provide support?

A doula will begin support to a mom in labor as soon as the mom feels the need to call her and the doula will be there continuously until the baby is born. A doula uses breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, movement, massage, different positions, aromatherapy, etc. There are also Doulas specifically trained in the HypnoBirthing® techniques for moms who want to use their HypnoBirthing training. Another important role of a doula is supporting the mother’s partner by including him in the experience and not isolating him, as well as enabling him and the mother to focus on the moment, experience, and each other. Doulas also can provide moms with lots of educational material about pregnancy and birth.

Doulas do not:

Provide any medical support or perform any clinical tasks. They also do not judge you for any decisions you make. A good doula will support you wholeheartedly no matter what choices you make. You do the best you can that’s all that matters. Everyone has different “bests” and contrary to popular belief, it is not a competition.

The benefits of hiring a doula:

Woman who have continuous support during labor have overall better outcomes for mother and baby. They are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births, less likely to be induced, have pain meds, interventions, or C-sections. Mothers with Doulas also have shorter labors, and report fewer negative feelings towards birth.

  • 31% decrease Pitocin usage
  • 28% decrease in C-section risk
  • 12% increase in spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 14% decrease in newborns being admitted to the NICU
  • 34% decrease in negative feelings towards the birth experience

Birth is an experience of a lifetime that stays with you forever. Often time’s moms would rather buy the baby many new beautiful things for once they get here, than use their resource’s for themselves and their babies to make the birth experience more positive with better outcomes. Don’t under estimate the impact your baby’s birth will have on both you and your baby for the rest of your lives.