Free Childbirth Education Class at Babies-R-Us

This FREE childbirth education Free Intro to HypnoBirthing at Babies-R-Usclass will teach mom why it is so important to change any negative, fearful mindset toward birth and instead be happy, excited, and confident to meet your baby, and how to achieve that! Learn how your body helps you to have a comfortable and fast labor and how to prevent your body from working against you through some basic HypnoBirthing techniques. Be sure to bring your partner as well, because we will also discuss the many roles of the birth companion and go over 10 tips to support mom physically and emotionally during that beautiful miracle of life. discusses the roles and functions of hormones during pregnancy and childbirth, and how those hormones affect your baby. Learn how to release endorphins, which are 200 times more powerful than morphine, using the techniques of HypnoBirthing by focusing on deep relaxation, guided imagery, and special breathing. We will also look at ten amazing advantages HypnoBirthing offers women and the differences between HypnoBirthing and other childbirth methods. This class will help you understand if HypnoBirthing is the right childbirth education method for you. Free class, but please call Babies R Us to reserve your spot! Facebook events do NOT reflect the actual attendance number.Organic Birthing Childbirth Classes at Babies-R-Us

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