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Tara Lowther HypnoBirthing TeacherAbout Tara Lowther, HypnoBirthing
® Certified Educator

During high school and college I served as a preschool assistant and then teacher for 6 years, and loved my work. Because of my love for children, I focused my undergraduate studies on psychology and nutrition. I also earned a Certified Nursing Assistant license and began working at the local hospital. I am a medically minded person and learned a tremendous amount working in every area of the hospital, including a life changing ride along with the flight crew. While supporting women in labor, I couldn’t help but notice the way laboring women were often unprepared for birthing, had a lot of fear, and low confidence, and were therefore very un-empowered in the decision making process of their childbirth experience. It was then that I realized my professional purpose would be helping women during that wonderful, yet sometimes challenging, time of their lives—birth.

 Two years after joining the hospital, I became a wife and a mother. After a very emotional miscarriage I finally became pregnant again but was told by my doctor that I would miscarry this child as well. The doctor encouraged me to take an abortion inducing drug, but I refused and two weeks later we found the
heartbeat that could not previously be heard. Dissatisfied with my doctor, I began to research midwifery and my birthing options. I decided to hire a midwife for a home birth. I felt that through my experience and many books I read I was prepared. I was sadly mistaken and had a very long labor, and transferred to the hospital to get an epidural. It was a tremendous battle in the hospital to keep my birth as intervention free as possible and I ended up getting a very common reaction of hives to the epidural. Needless to say, I was dissatisfied with my experience. Paisley is now a beautiful and vibrant little girl who is one of the lights of my life.

In the years since, I have studied and worked to become a midwife. I have attended many births and worked as a student midwife and birth assistant at a birth center. Through my work in the birthing community, I heard about HypnoBirthing, and after birthing Paisley, I thought HypnoBirthing seemed like the perfect fit the second time around. I loved their philosophy. With my second child, I had “HypnoBirthing” under my belt and had a beautiful, 6 hour birth at my midwives birth center. Not only time wise, but also on an emotional level my second birth was so incredibly different and empowering. I was not filled with fear but instead was excited and confident. My birth partner (my husband) was so well prepared with HypnoBirthing he was much more supportive and involved, drawing us closer than we ever have been. After experiencing the difference between a birth without HypnoBirthing and one with HypnoBirthing, I strongly felt I needed to share this information with other women. While I do not believe there is one right way to birth a child, I am certain HypnoBirthing can work for many mothers.

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing now for three years. I had my third baby and second HypnoBaby at Mercy Gilbert hospital almost a year ago, and again it was a wonderful experience. The midwives and hospital staff were great. My relaxation practice throughout the pregnancy definitely attributed to my new baby being a very calm, relaxed, and happy baby. Assisting mothers with their birthing experience is my passion and I am so excited to teach women what I have learned through my experience and utilized in my own births.

Every woman is different emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Therefore, their births will be different. My focus is on ensuring expectant mothers are educated on the range of choices they will have to make during this vital time. Think about it, we regularly study for even the most insignificant test, but we sometimes allow the craziness of pregnancy to leave us unprepared for the actual process of giving birth. Decisions you make during your birthing can have long term consequences for you and your baby. Informed consent is how woman keep their power during this emotional and stressful time.

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