My birth using HypnoBirthing®



The birth of my daughter using HypnoBirthing
I had taken the HypnoBirthing class when I was four months pregnant with my second child. I was drawn to HypnoBirthing because with my first child I tried a few other methods that did not work well for me during my birth. I was looking for something that would help me accept what I was going to do and focus on the positive aspects of birth. I am also a huge fan of yoga and I wanted something to deepen my practice of relaxation. My husband and I practiced the HypnoBirthing scripts and guided relaxation almost everyday. When I went into labor I immediately began my relaxation.  Visualization was a huge help for me. When the surges started really picking up, my husband would have to describe to me the place I was visualizing. It was a field of lavender flowers, with rolling hills, and a tree with a swing that my husband was pushing our toddler on while I overlooked them holding our new baby. I was focusing on relaxing and visualizing myself in this place for about seven hours. When it came time to breath my baby down I was in the tub at my birth center. I will never forget what it felt like to reach down and feel my babies indescribably soft head coming out. Once her head was out however she stopped. It became shoulder dystocia, where her shoulders were so big she got stuck on my pubic bone. I feel like my HypnoBirthing training(as well as my faith in God) helped me get through this peaceably because of the positive attitude and acceptance HypnoBirthing taught me. When normally that kind of situation would have made me panic and feel as if I had lost all control, I was able to breath through it, keep my self control, and follow my midwifes instructions so my baby could be born safe and healthy. HypnoBirthing made such a profound impact on my birth and in my life I immediately wanted to teach it to other women. I want to share this amazing program with others so they can have the power to have an amazing, perfect birth no matter what happens. HypnoBirthing is not just a birthing technique. It is a mindset, a way of thinking about everything, a change of the spirit.



Hypno-Scorpion Birth

On July 15, 2015 I started to feel some cramping.  Throughout most of the day I thought it was just braxton hicks but then I started to lose some of my mucus plug bit by bit.  By the time I got home around 7:00pm I was quite a bit more uncomfortable but still able to work through my everyday schedule.  Every now and then Sam and I put into practice what you taught us.  He put some pressure on my lower back, we did some breathing and calming exercises and then it would all go away so I wasn’t quite sure what was going on…
I made an attempt to go to bed…LOL.  After my second trip to a warm bath and positive confirmations in that soothing Australian voice (I think that’s the accent) in my ears I made it to bed and dozed off only to be jolted awake by a pain in my foot.  I jumped out of bed, flipped on the light and told Sam…”Something bit me”.  He rolled over totally unconcerned and said “No it didn’t…just go back to sleep.” So I did…then my foot went numb and started to throb. Mind you this sleeping man is completely disregarding the fact that I very well could be in labor in addition to a throbbing numb foot .  It didn’t subside and got worse so I stood up, turned on the light and woke him up again.  “Sam, I swear something bit me.”  So he angrily gets up out of bed to prove me wrong. He flings back the covers and says “See…nothing there!” As a freaking scorpion skitters down further into my sheets!!!
So it’s about 3:00am, I’m fairly certain I’m in early labor but still not quite sure and I am stung by a scorpion in the foot…in my bed. Great.  Totally freaking out I called the hospital in a panic and they assured me I had nothing to worry about because I wasn’t an infant or an elderly person.  Ok fine. So…back to try and sleep..after the scorpion has been decimated of course.
About 8:00am rolls around…I’m groggy but too uncomfortable to stay in bed.  By this time I’m fairly certain Olivia is coming today, July 16, 2015.  And because I know I am insisting on bringing my good camera to have Sam take pictures (my birth photographer was out of town and didn’t get home until the day after Olivia was born…) I decided to do my hair.  This took about an hour with all the trips I made to the ground bent over in breathing and focus.
At about 10:30am I had enough and thought for sure I had to be at least 6 cm.  So we head to the hospital and I slowly start to loose my grip on my Hypnobirthing calm.  Bent over grunting while Sam checked us in we thankfully made our way up to the triage. We got to the  hospital and checked in at about 11:00am  I got undressed and found out I was…dun dun dun…3cm.  WTF!?!?  I seriously thought she was going to come out.  So, the very sweet and stern nurse told me I couldn’t be admitted to a room until 6 cm and that I should walk around the hospital for about 45 minutes and then come back. At this point I thought this woman was completely out of her mind…BUT…I refused to be a bad patient so I did as I was told.  That said, my agonizing stroll around Mercy Gilbert in my awesome, soft, comfy birthing gown I bought on Amazon ( I refused to wear that icky hospital gown) lasted about 25 minutes.
I made it back to Triage and told the nurse…I swear…she’s coming…I have to be ready to go into the room.  At this point I had all the visions of a long practiced labor in my head. With my honey sticks…cooling neck cloth, birthing ball, laboring tub, essential oil spray, affirming words and relaxing music ready to put into place.  However, when the nurse checked me in Triage again after my 25 minute jaunt through the hospital she told me I was still only 3 cm.  I thought it was a mean joke and said…”There is no way I’m going home.”  At this point…my Hypnobirthing cool started to completely dissolve and I felt the pain.  The nurse said, let me call your midwife.  So, she stepped out and I started begging.  Begging Sam to let me have drugs.  Begging Sam to make it all stop.
“However, I am VERY proud to say he stuck to EVERYTHING in our birth plan.  He practiced everything you taught us even though I threw it all out the window.  AND…so did the nurses.  They all followed my birth paln to a T and were amazing.”
The nurse was literally gone for 10 minutes.  Said she got off the phone with my midwife who was in the shower and would be on her way shortly.  She wanted to check me again and as she did said….”Oh boy”.  I’m like…WTF does that mean?  Well, apparently I’m not crazy and in the 10 minutes that the nurse stepped out of Triage I went from 3cm to 7cm.  Her next words were…”We need to get you in a room”.  And I’m thinking…THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU PEOPLE!  But of course I don’t say that. 🙂
SO…we finally get in to my room ( about 5-10 minutes letter). At this point I’m begging for anything to make the pain go away.  BUT…my amazing husband and nurse say, “How bout we fill up the tub with nice warm water and if after that you still want drugs..we will give them to you.”  Ok…FINE.
So, I get into the tub.  And it’s nice…so I relax a bit.  At this point EVERYONE LEAVES ME! The nurse says she will be right back and Sam says “I’m gonna run and get your bags from the car.” Ok…
Literally about 5 minutes after everyone leaves I have a contraction to stop the planet from moving and feel my water break.  I am seriously about to push the baby out into the water when the nurse comes in and noticed the fluid…”Did you feel a pop?  Yeah? Your water broke and we need to get you out of the tub.”  I still don’t understand that.  It would have been heaven to stay right in that water…
Now I am seriously begging for some relief.  The nurse says…let’s just check you one more time. So, I obediently make my way to the hospital bed to find out I am 10 cm and ready to give birth……
I WENT FROM 3CM TO 10CM IN UNDER 30 MINUTES!!!! I knew I wasn’t crazy and that the pain was intense! At this point I became an Hypnobirthing failure.  I was the crazy lady in the movie yelling and grunting. 🙁 However, my midwife Ramona was able to bring me down and help me focus.  I pushed for only about 30 minutes and then she was there and everything was forgotten other than her perfection and that all encompassing love.
“I am so thankful that I did things naturally.  She was quiet and calm and peaceful.  No complications and I had very minimal tearing and very quick recovery. Everything was perfect.”
I am so thankful that I did things naturally.  She was quiet and calm and peaceful.  No complications and I had very minimal tearing and very quick recovery. Everything was perfect. And even though I didn’t stick to our plan 100%…my husband and midwives did.  BTW…I had all three midwives from Momdoc see me on Olivia’s birthday!  Tiffany kept me company while Ramona arrived and Melissa got video of Sam handing Olivia to me (he received her which was awesome), cutting the umbilical cord and Melissa stitched me up. It was as perfect as it could have been…numb ankle/foot from the scorpion bite an all 🙂
So, I didn’t do the best with my hypnobirthing training but my husband did and so did the people I surrounded myself with.  I loved being pregnant and my daughter’s birth so much that I can’t imagine not doing it again…
Thank you so much Tara!! I hope to train and celebrate with you again in the near future!
Tara’s comment: The fact that this mama got stung by a scorpion while in labor is crazy! Using the relaxation techniques through that and early labor was very beneficial. I love how this mama talks about the importance of the HypnoBirthing training for her husband. She was so happy that he stuck with her birth preferences and encouraged her to stay with them, even if she was not very excited about it.