Childbirth Education Classes

Organic Birthing has a variety of Childbirth Education Classes and the list is always growing! If you would like to be notified automatically when classes are added to the schedule, please go to our Facebook page and subscribe to our events.  

Organic Birthing HypnoBirthing Classes·         HypnoBirthing Childbirth class: Learn specific relaxation, breathing, and visualization techniques, as well as, the physiology and emotions surrounding childbirth.

·         Child Birthing Basics 1: Learn what to expect and what is normal during the stages of labor and birth, all your options, and forming a birth plan

·         Child Birthing Basics 2: Learn coping techniques for during labor and childbirth, ways your birth partner can support you physically and emotionally

·         FREE Introduction to HypnoBirthing at Babies-R-Us: Learn about the hormones you release during birthing and how to have a more comfortable birth by releasing endorphins which are 200 times more powerful than morphine.

Childbirth Education Classes by Organic Birthing

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