Placenta Encapsulation

Organic Birthing Placenta Encapsulation ServiceWhat is Placenta Encapsulation and what are the benefits?

I know you have to have an open mind to consider ingesting your encapsulated placenta, so for the next few minutes have an open mind because there are so many benefits to doing this! Placenta encapsulation has actually become quite popular in the last few years. It has been around since the 1500’s in china but Raven Lang, who was an American midwife who studied TCM, brought back this lost tradition by promoting placenta remedies during a MANA conference in the U.S.

The Process:

  1. The placenta is cleaned and drained of blood in a sanitary environment.
  2. The placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger, and green pepper(unless you choose the RAW method where this step will be skipped. Both methods are available.)
  3. It is then dehydrated until crispy.
  4. The placenta is then finely ground and put into empty vegetable capsules.


The Hormones found in your Placenta and their Benefits:

  • POEF, Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor- helps with post pregnancy pain and discomfort
  • Prostaglandins- helps with cleansing the uterus and shrinking it back to pre-pregnancy size
  • Oxytocin- prevents postpartum depression and increases milk supply
  • Prolactin- helps with breastfeeding
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone- regulates thyroid
  • Cortisone-reduces inflammation
  • Iron- prevents anemia
  • Hemoglobin- Oxygen-carrying molecule which provides a boost in energy
  • Urokinase Inhibiting Factor and Factor XIII- stops bleeding and enhances wound healing
  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG)- Antibody molecules which support the immune system
  • Human Placental Lactogen (hPL)- This hormone has lactogenic and growth-promoting properties; promotes mammary gland growth in preparation for lactation in the mother. It also regulates maternal glucose, protein, and fat levels.

About Brynn Wakin, Placenta Encapsulater

I have been married for 12 years to my Jr High Sweetheart! We have two girls 12 and 9. We spent our first 8 years of marriage serving in the U.S. Air Force, and my husband went on 4 deployments. Several of the wives started taking turns being birth stand ins and wasn’t till years later I learned that was what a Doula is! So in 2012 I decided to take my training at Nurturing Hearts Birth Services in Mesa. I couldn’t wait to start my new path in the birth community, and I jumped right in. I met the wonderful Stephanie Soderblom who runs NHBS and I decided to pick her brain about being a midwife! I fell in love, and soon after I began my training as a student midwife. I juggled my role as a student and a doula the whole time!  As I worked as a Doula I saw first hand how the hospitals work. I had a hard time seeing moms not get the support they needed! When working at home births it was a very different experience and I wanted help moms have the same choices! I was able to help many families and cherished the time I spent with each family as a doula and as a student! I spend a little over 16 months training as a student and unfortunately had to step back for a bit! I continued doing Placenta Encapsulations and was hoping to get back into the community! I can’t wait to be working with Tara and all the families, this is what I feel I am meant to do! I am currently working also as a birth assistant with NHBS. Being there to support the moms and babies to make sure they have the birth they want! That is my passion and it never gets old!

When I met Tara I knew I had found a genuine, special person with whom I would love to work. We are like minded, and had the same goal of bringing natural birth services to women who want to be empowered in their pregnancies and births. I am so grateful, and beyond excited, to be part of something so amazing.

Pick Up Info

Brynn would pick up from the place of birth and should be kept on ice until then. The capsules will then be delivered to your home with in three days of pick up. Makes approximately 75 to 200 capsules. Every placenta is different. Use the payment button below to purchase this amazing natural way to heal your body after your birthing. The time following birth is a time for mom to rest and allow her body to recover. It is a precious, fleeting time that should be taken full advantage of. Giving birth takes a toll on your body and there is so little time to rest and recover compared to the hustle and bustle of life that follows those first life changing weeks with your new baby. Enjoy them, don’t rush them!

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Due to cost of travel time and gas, distance over 20 miles from Chandler, Cooper and the 202 San Tan, will need to add the $20 trip fee at checkout if your location of delivery is out of this area.

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