Benefits of prenatal yoga classes in Gilbert | Chandler

Prenatal yoga classes offered for Gilbert | Chandler | Mesa, Az are absolutely wonderful during pregnancy. We highly recommend adding it to your schedule during those months of pregnancy and right after baby is born for recovery. Here are few of the amazing benefits of prenatal yoga classes in Gilbert | Chandler | Mesa Az.

Prenatal Yoga Benefits

  • It is low impact for your changing body. It is important in these months to take it easy but remain active.
  • It helps with preparing you for labor physically through strengthening and stretching all the muscles you will be using. Just like you would not run a marathon without training you also need to be training for childbirth.
  • It is a great time to bond and connect with baby because you are focusing on nothing else but yourself and your baby in that magical hour.
  • It increases circulation which is slowed during pregnancy due to blood volume increasing by 50% to 60%. This will help decrease your risks for swelling and preeclampsia.
  • It is a great time to practice relaxation. It is so important to practice relaxation during pregnancy which you will be using during the birth. When we relax our bodies release endorphins and baby enjoys them as much as we do. A calm, happy mama makes a calm, happy baby.
  • It is also a great time to practice deep breathing. You will be taking slow deep breaths during labor and yoga uses many of the same breathing techniques to encourage this.
  • It Improves balance. During pregnancy you produce a hormone called relaxin. It allows your joints to be bit more flexible than usual. Continuing to improve your balance during that time is important to prevent falling and injury. It also will improve balancing being busy in your personal life and taking time for yourself and your baby. Enjoying this short time of being a part of the miracle of life can be hard sometimes when we get caught up in the negativity around us. Yoga is wonderful at bringing you back to a positive mindset for pregnancy, birth, and parenting.


Yoga is also wonderful for slowly bringing your body back from pregnancy and birth, healing, and recovering from labor.