14 Feb

Hospital Tour Questions

20 Questions to Ask on Your Hospital Tour

When you go on a maternity hospital tour take lots of questions! Here is a simple, easy list of questions to ask on your hospital tour. Print them out and take them along. This is your chance to really get a feel for the policies and attitude of the place you will be birthing your baby. Childbirth is such a special time! Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want.  Just like your care provider is an important member of your birthing team, the hospital is also important, so make sure all members of the birth team are on the same page by asking these 20 questions.





1.       What birth aids do you have available? Birth ball? Peanut ball? Squat bar?

2.       Do you have a labor tub available? If not, can I bring my own?

3.       What is your c-section rate?

4.       What is your policy on breastfeeding in recovery after c-section?

5.       What is your policy on the first hour or two after baby is born? Do you encourage skin to skin, delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, delaying bath and weight until after bonding time?

6.       Do you have “Baby Friendly” certification?

7.       What is your induction rate?

8.       Do you allow photography and video?

9.       What are visiting hours and can my other children come with me?

10.   Can I leave my room and walk while in labor?

11.   What level NICU do you have?

12.   How do you feel about doulas?

13.   What is your policy on IV’s and fetal monitoring?

14.   Will baby stay in the room with me the whole time?

15.   What is the policy on eating and drinking during labor?

16.   Can I use an oil diffuser?

17.   Are there any restrictions on how many people can be with me during labor?

18.   How long is the average stay after vaginal delivery? After C-sections?

19.   Do you have a lactation consultant available at all times?

20.   Are the nurses supportive of natural birth or a hands-off approach? Are they familiar with HypnoBirthing?

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