Birthing Hormones Part 1 

How to have a Fast, Comfortable Childbirth

When you are birthing your baby you need to feel safe, secure, supported, and loved. It is so important to do this because only when you feel this way do you release the special birthing hormones that help the labor progress faster and provides natural pain relief to make the birth more comfortable. The mind controls the body and anytime you have a thought or emotion it creates a chemical response in the body. When you are feeling stressed or are fearful you are releasing stress hormones called Catecholamine. Catecholamine directs blood flow away from your major organs to your arms and legs so you can run away or fight and protect yourself. These are our fight or flight responses when the body thinks it is in danger and needs to survive. However, if this happens when you are giving birth to your baby, it slows the labor, directs the blood flow away from the baby and uterus making it harder for baby to tolerate the labor, it also creates tension in the muscles of the uterus, not allowing them to stretch and move out of the babies path creating pain.

Unfortunately most women have a lot of fear about childbirth, which sets the stage for the fear, tension, pain cycle. Too often we see birth in the movies portrayed as traumatic, scary and painful. In our society we like to tell expecting moms the birth horror story of our friend’s mom’s great aunt. All this negativity around childbirth creates the negative mindset when you think of birth and automatically causes use to release stress hormones. It is so incredibly important to change your mindset about childbirth! Do not watch the movies. Do not allow people to tell you horror stories. Positive birth stories only.

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