07 Jan

Birthing Hormones Part 2

Birthing Hormones Part 2

If you missed Birthing Hormones Part 1 of this series please go back and read it first before moving on with this article. It is vital to read part 1 in order to understand why part 2 is so important.

In order to speed your birth experience up and assist it to go more comfortably you need to feel, relaxed, safe, secure, loved, and supported. When you are feeling these emotions you are releasing the hormones Oxytocin and Endorphin. Oxytocin is the hormone of birth and bonding. It is the hormone that starts the labor and it has a snowball effect and will speed the labor up. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relief and help with any kind of discomfort. They are 200 times more powerful than Morphine! When you are releasing these beneficial hormones for childbirth they do the opposite as the stress hormones you learned about in part 1, and they direct all the good oxygenated blood to the baby and uterine muscle so baby tolerates the birth better and the uterus can do its job better.

When you are able to relax the muscles of the body your childbirth will go much faster because the uterus is made up of three layers of muscles. One is an outer, longitudinal layer going up and down the uterus, another is a middle layer interwoven with blood vessels, and the last one is a layer of circular muscle fibers and those are concentrated toward the bottom supporting baby while you are pregnant. A contraction is the process of those longitudinal muscles pulling the circular fibers up and out of the way. The circular fibers relaxing and stretching when being moved up to the top of the uterus is what causes the dilation. This is done much faster when you are relaxing them and letting the body do what it needs to do rather than fighting it. Average first time moms are in active labor (which is 4-6cm and on) for 12 hours. Moms who use HypnoBirthing childbirth class relaxation methods for childbirth average 6 hour long labors!

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