Childbirth Education Class

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Childbirth Education Class:

Physiology and Stages of Labor

This class will help you feel more confident and will take away the fear of the unknown because in this class you will learn what is normal in birthing, what to expect, and what all your options are. We will go over the stages of labor and how to recognize them, and your options when it comes to interventions in each stage. We also will discuss how your amazing body is able to birth a baby and the chemical and hormonal process that is involved with birth. Once we have covered all this information we will formulate your own personalized birth preference sheet or birthplan that you will take home and can give to your care provider.

  • Birthing Hormones – how they effect your labor and why they are important

What to do when labor starts

  • Braxton hicks vs. Real thing
  • Water breaking
  • Timing contractions

Active labor Hallmarks and what to do

  • Going into hospital, what to expect
  • Monitoring, continuous vs. intermittent
  • IV options
  • Vaginal exams risks vs. benefits
  • Epidural risks vs. benefits
  • Pitocin risks vs. benefits
  • Babies position affecting labor, exercises to do to position baby the right way

Transition Hallmarks 

Second stage of labor

  • Pushing
  • Forceps/vacuum
  • Episiotomy/ preventing tearing

Third stage of labor

  • Options for baby
  • Post-partum care for mom and baby

Coping Techniques/Comfort Measures

This class will teach you many different coping techniques and comfort measures to use for during childbirth. This is a great class for expecting moms but especially for their birth support person. The support person is who will be prompting mom to try all these different techniques. This class will give the birth partner a solid idea of how to support mom through labor physically and even emotionally. This class includes handouts and even a ‘cheat sheet’ to make it as accessible as possible for the birth partners. We will also go over helpful items to pack in your birth bag and a birth bag item list.

Coping techniques for during laborOrganic HypnoBirthing Childbirth Classes

  • Positions
  • Aromatherapy
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Tub or shower
  • Walking
  • Dancing
  • Movement
  • Music
  • Massage/ counter pressure
  • Using the ball/ peanut ball

What to do when pushing

  • Positions
  • Breathing for pushing
  • Partners Role

Birth Bag and what to pack