Childbirth Prep Consultation

Can’t make it to a class or perhaps you are not in the state of Arizona. Here is your chance to speak with Tara one on one and plan out your ideal birth experience.

In a one-hour phone call, we will discuss what your birthing goals are by going through many options you will have during the birth. These options will comprise your birth plan, or what we HypnoBirthing Teachers like to call birth preferences. We will discuss these briefly on the phone so as to utilize our time wisely but also because I will be taking notes along the way creating a personalized childbirth education packet comprised of articles, videos, links, and documents that will be sent to you following our conversation. The wonderful thing about this being personalized for you is that it won’t waste any of your precious time! This won’t be reading the same baby book over again. This will be only relevant information that I know you need while cutting out the repetitive knowledge you can skip. I also cut out something else for you… anything negative and scary!!!! I firmly believe that pregnant women should be protected from fear-inducing/ stressful/ unnecessary information and stories. When you are stressed, baby stresses, and that can have long term effects on you both. I also believe that what you focus on is what you go towards so I want to keep you focused on the positive experience you envision uniquely for yourself, without the influence of others’ negative stories since those stories have no bearing on how yours goes.
After completing your birth preferences we will discuss what I believe to be the best plan of action for you to prepare for the upcoming birth of your baby. These will be hands-on activities and techniques for you to practice and then use while giving birth. Including preparation exercises for couples to do together. Including the partner is ideal so it is wonderful to conference them into the call as well or they can listen to the recording of the phone call that is included for your convenience and to refer back to because I am going to throw A LOT of information at you.