Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra

Kindred Bravely Lingerie Review 

Mama’s I absolutely love this lingerie brand! I ran across them when I was pregnant with baby #4 and was looking for a soft, comfortable nursing bra for pregnancy, wearing during the birth, and would accommodate breastfeeding. This one had great reviews, was a great price, and I just loved the message the owner shares encouraging moms in breastfeeding and being a mother. I am so passionate about supporting awesome mom run businesses and love these products so much that I even became an affiliate of them. Personally, I have many of the French Terry Racer-back Nursing Bras, a bunch of the High-waist Postpartum Underwear, the Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads, and the Angelina Nursing and Maternity Nightgown.

Nursing Bras

The French Terry Racer-Back Nursing Bras are the SOFTEST bra’s I have ever felt. I immediately ordered more of them because i wanted to live in them. They are so nice to wear as a sleep bra. They also accommodate a slightly fluctuating breast size as you go from pregnant breasts to breastfeeding breasts. A more supportive wired bra would not be able to do this. A wireless bra is so much better for a woman’s body all the time but especially when your pregnant and breastfeeding and everything is changing so much. Just make sure you do get an accurate measurement of your size when you order.

Breast Pads

The other nice thing about them is they are great for easily fitting a breast-pad in them for leaking during the breastfeeding adjustment period. Yes, leaking happens… prepare for it! Get breast pads! I have tried many! I find the disposable ones very itchy so I really prefer cloth and you just throw them in the laundry with your other undergarments. I am all about organic of course and you really can’t beat the price of these organic pads. Plus they come in the cutest zipper bag! Just throw it in the diaper bag and take it along for when you need to swap them out.

Maternity Nightgown
The Angelina Nursing and Maternity nightgown is again…SO SOFT!!!!!!! It was so nice to wear during pregnancy. I even wore it while in labor! It was nice because it kept me covered but everything was still accessible if they wanted to check me. The top of this nightgown is so neat because it is soft and flexible to easily breastfeed in and the fabric allows it to pull some up and some down and keep you covered. It seriously is so convenient, comfortable, and nice looking I wear it out as a daytime dress!
Postpartum Panties
And lastly lets talk panties… Another huge part of postpartum recovery is the stuff that will be going on down ‘there’ for the next few weeks. You will be sore in the lady parts for a while after having baby and then there will be bleeding and discharge as well. Sounds lovely right. If you have not already, check out my video “How to Make Padcicles”. They are so helpful for recovery and relieving discomfort. The Kindred Bravely High-waist Postpartum Underwear are really nice for this phase of healing. You will need a higher waist underwear to fit the giant pads you will have to wear for the next few weeks. The owner was very smart to make these all dark colors to hide any blood stains, but they are still very flattering and pretty with the lace.
If you would like to check out all they have to offer click here. I hope you love them as much as I do!
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