Ollie Swaddle Product Review

Hey rockstar mama’s! I have been using my Ollie swaddle for a while now and wanted to let you ladies know how this fourth time mama likes it.

Six week old baby Chesney in her Ollie Swaddle
1. I love the SUPER soft material! It is like buttery soft. I really wish they made shirts for the mama’s out of this stuff. I would live in it… Babies are highly sensitive to touch and I am amazed sometimes at how rough some of the baby products are so this is an important quality.
2. The Velcro is SUPER strong! This is a great option for little Houdini’s. I really do not think there is any getting out of this one.
3. I like that the size is so adjustable. It can fit very little babies and very big babies, it can fit the arms in or the arms out.
Adorable box the Ollie Swaddle comes in
1. The Velcro is so strong I am afraid it is going to rip the fabric taking it off over time, but this has not happened yet so it could be an unnecessary concern.
2. They advertise “bottom open for hassle free diaper changes” but for the life of me I can not change a diaper while I have this thing on her. I still have to take it off to get the diaper to fit right and when I take it off the velcro is so loud it completely wakes the baby and my husband sleeping in the same room up.
3. The high price tag.
Overall I love the soft material and beautiful design. It would be great for the baby that fights constantly to be free. Swaddling is super important and good for babies healthy sleep habits. Check out my Tips to Help Baby Sleep Better Video with infant sleep consultant Mamie Kruger of yoursleepingbaby.com.