Our Doulas

Relax even more with a HypnoBirthing trained doula at your side during your labor! A doula will support mom with non-medical pain relief techniques such as massage, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and so much more. A great doula will never take the place of your partner’s role but instead will encourage them to be even more involved by serving as their guide to being the best birth partner they can be.

Birth Doula Basic Description Package:

  • 1-2 prenatal visits to go over your birth preferences, discuss
    expectations, and prepare for your birth
  •  Unlimited prenatal support via phone, text, and email
  •  On-call 24/7 when you reach 37 weeks
  •  Support throughout your entire labor and delivery, starting when
    you call me to come join you, ending around 2 hours after birth
  •  1 follow-up post-partum meeting including breastfeeding support

*Additional packages with enhanced services are available and can be
discussed at your consultation!


The Evidence on Doulas:

10% reduction of pain medication use

39% decrease in risk of cesarean

15% increase in spontaneous vaginal birth

31% decrease in risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing®
Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula who specializes in childbirth and
healing the wounds from birth trauma.

Trained as a Hypnotherapist by the award winning Southwest Institute of
Healing Arts, Jessica was able to obtain her Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certification from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. She is also
an active and participating member of the International Medical and Dental
Hypnotherapy Association, the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis,
and the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.

In addition to working at her private practice and offering childbirth services,
Jessica also teaches HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education Classes through
Organic Birthing and is working towards obtaining her Master’s degree in
Psychology. She plans on studying Pre-natal and Peri-natal Psychology
with the hope of conducting research around birth trauma and bringing
awareness to its psychological, emotional, and mental impacts. Jessica
desires to spark change not only for our society but for every child that has
yet to be born. Jessica also dedicates time volunteering with the Arizona
Youth Partnership where she works with the “Starting Out Right” program
providing services and education to pregnant and parenting teens.

Jessica combines holistic modalities such as hypnotherapy, reiki,
auriculotherapy, mediation, coaching and education to help empower,
support, and guide families to birth in a sacred, peaceful, and loving

HypnoBirthing® childbirth education, hypno-doula, fertility, IVF, breech, induction,
breastfeeding, labor and birth, fears and phobias, weight loss, post-partum, post-
trauma, grief and loss, emotional healing, stress management, sex drive, motivation,
relationship/family coaching, and hypnosis for children.

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doula jessica

Aurora Sullivan

Aurora Sullivan, CBD, CPD, CBC

Certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, Infant Care
Specialist, Administrative Assistant

Aurora Sullivan is an experienced infant care specialist. She studied to become a Birth and Postpartum Doula through the International Doula Institute and later decided to become a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor. In addition to her certifications, Aurora is currently continuing her education and studying Early Learning and Development in children. In the future, Aurora hopes to become a childbirth and infant educator and is
exploring the idea of Midwifery School. She wants to make sure families are informed and no matter the circumstance, not alone. Aurora hopes to focus on young, pregnant teens and work hard to make sure they know they are supported and get the education they are entitled to.

I have never felt so passionate as when I got certified through the International Doula Institute. From a young toddler, I have always had an interest in birth, babies, and pregnant bellies. My mother still tells the story of her cooking in the kitchen and hearing me exclaim, “Oh no! The baby is in distress!” At the age of three I knew what that meant; C-section. Growing up I was always begging to hold babies at events when I was still young myself, then begged to be a “mother’s helper” before I was old enough to babysit, and eventually up to present day, becoming a loving nanny. I have always had the nurturing background, but my eyes were never opened to being a support to an incoming mother until recently.

You see; doulas are present to provide unconditional emotional and physical support pre and postpartum. Our sole purpose is to comfort and make sure you have everything you need during your birthing experience. Whereas everyone present during your birth will most likely have other responsibilities, as a doula our one and only focus is you as the mother. During labor, a doula’s job is to coach you through the hard work of the experience and be your support in getting through the entire time.

As a postpartum doula, our focus is still on the mother, and baby and making sure you are both recovering nicely, and taken care of. Most likely you have a partner who is going to be present during birth, a doula does not take away from their presence. A doula guides, and supports and does their best to help you have the birth experience you desire. I would be honored to be a part of your incredible upcoming birth story.

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On-Call Doula Services: (If less than 3 weeks from due date)

  •  Support throughout your entire labor and delivery, starting when
    you call me to join you, ending around 2 hours after birth
  •  Includes post-partum meeting including breastfeeding support

*additional upgrades available