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Tara Lowther-Smith, HBCE

Owner, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, YouTuber, Public Speaker

Every woman is different emotionally, spiritually, and physically, therefore, their births will be different

My focus is on ensuring expectant mothers are educated on the range of choices they will have to make during this vital time. Think about it, we regularly study for even the most insignificant test, but we sometimes allow the craziness of life and pregnancy to leave us unprepared for the actual process of giving birth. Decisions you make during your birthing can have long term consequences for you and your baby. Informed consent is how women keep their power during this emotional and stressful time.
I started working with laboring moms and their partners ten years ago and have had four of my own babies over those years as well. My experience is in supporting couples during birth in the hospital, birth center, and at home, as well as, birthing my own babies at all different locations.

I have had a baby without using HypnoBirthing relaxation techniques and three babies with it and I would never do it any other way

I know what it is like to have a negative childbirth experience vs. an incredibly empowering and positive one. I know the impact this time has on a woman, her baby, her family, her partner and their relationship, her self confidence, and the way she mothers later on.

The impact is huge and because I understand this I am so incredibly passionate about what I do and seeing my students succeed.

I will go above and beyond to help you feel confident and prepared.
Make sure to check out my YouTube channel all about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and mothering the little years.

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