birth story
HypnoBirthing Homebirth in Phoenix AZ

Welcoming our little angel baby into the world!!! Scarlett Rose was born on Friday 3/31/17 at 3:44 pm, weighing 5.4 lbs and measuring 19 in long!! 👼🏼🌹

“I am so happy to report that I hypnobirthed all naturally at home just as planned.. Only she arrived a little earlier than expected!!”

She was 3 weeks early.. a big surprise to me as a super healthy first-time mom!! Luckily she is perfectly healthy and well, perfectly perfect in every way in my opinion, Lol!

My water broke and woke me up at 4:24 am on Friday. Contractions began right away and were consistently 2-6 minutes apart for several hours. I remained calm, ate, read a chapter of a book, and practiced my hypnobirthing techniques. It made all the difference in the world!

My amazing midwife Jetta Anderson arrived just before noon and I was already 5-6 cm dilated! I continued to Labor both in and out of the water. Scarlett’s little hand was up by her face so she crowned about 10 times over an hour and a half period before she finally made her full debut at 3:44 pm in the comfort of my own bed!

We couldn’t be more thrilled or more in love with our little bundle of joy!! We attribute our wonderful natural home birth to the teachings of Tara and could not be more grateful for everything you taught us!!!

Tara’s Comment: Even through baby having a hand by the face and crowing multiple times this mama used her training and made it through!