22 May

VBAC HypnoBirth at Banner University Medical Center

My husband and I are happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Ella McCall. She was born on 01/01/17 at 5:29 am at Banner – University Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ and was a VBAC HypnoBirth. She weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20 ½ inches long. I was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant when she was born. Our plans for the evening of 12/31/16 were to hang with our neighbors, put our toddler to

sleep, have my husband massage my feet and do a relaxation exercise before bed.

“Me, my husband and our son got into bed to read bedtime stories. I took a picture of the three of us just in case it was our last picture as a family of three.”

While we were reading, I felt a gush of fluid. I got up to check and at first I thought it was just pregnancy yuck. The gush happened again. When I checked the second time, the fluid was yellow. I told my husband my bag of waters had burst and the baby had pooped (meconium). I had been having surges throughout the day and they had gotten stronger that evening. My surges were coming about 2 ½ minutes a part. I called my mother to watch our son and off we went to the hospital.

I would like to say the staff at Banner – University Medical Center was fantastic. Our triage nurse understood we wished to have a no medication vaginal birth using Hypnobirthing. My first child was delivered by Cesarean in 2014. I switched to a doctor who specializes in vaginal births after Cesareans (VBAC). We were perfectly matched with a nurse who is known for her skill with no medication vaginal births. Once in my labor and delivery room we were greeted with a Hypnobirthing sign on the door and dimmed lights (I meant to take a picture of the sign). While in triage I was listening to my birthing affirmations, along with birthing affirmations I had my godmother record (she has a very soothing voice). My birthing affirmations kept me focused when other things happened in the room. I remember shaking my head and saying okay, as if I was responding to the affirmations.

I started getting tired and the surges were very intense compared to my first birth. With my first birth I labored with no medications for approximately 18 hours. I remember thinking there is no way I can go 18 hours with the type of pain in was experiencing at that moment. I broke and told my husband and friend/doula I wanted an epidural.

“He suggested I allow my labor nurse to check to see how I was dilated. I agreed. When she told me I was 9 cm, I got a second wind.”

They were awesome in reminding me an epidural was not a part of our birth plan. I think was tired and hungry, so I began to get mentally tired as well. My husband and friend/doula kept me on track. Even my labor nurse would not let me go against my birth plan. She was encouraging but firm at the same time. My husband reassured me I was doing great. He suggested I allow my labor nurse to check to see how I was dilated. I agreed. When she told me I was 9 cm, I got a second wind. During my first birth I stayed at 6 cm forever and a day. A short time later, I began to get the urge to push. My doctor and nurse told me to listen to my body. After 30 minutes of some good pushing and awesome coaching from everyone in the room I delivered my daughter. It was truly an amazing experience. An experience I would not have achieved without my husband, my friend/doula, my doctor, labor nurse, Hypnobirthing education and lots of support and positivity.

Tara’s Comment: I love how this mama listened to her body when it came to pushing. She followed the lead of her body and pushed when she felt the urge to push. It is so wonderful that this mama had an OBGYN and nurse that supported her and encouraged her to do this! 

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