What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Are you expecting and giving birth in the hospital? Have you looked at all those lists of things to take in your hospital bag? This list of what to pack in your hospital bag is a little different and instead of showing you the typical obvious items to take with you I am giving you a list of items to help during the labor and postpartum care for mom. Two out of four of my own babies were born in a hospital and I found these items especially useful!

Birth Items for Mom:

  • Hairbrush and head massager for use during labor. Birth partner can use to comfort mom.
  • Hair ties and a headband, most moms like their hair out of the face during labor
  • Socks or house shoes and a Robe, You DON’T have to wear the hospital gown to birth in! It is so much better to wear your own clothes. A bralette or nursing bra are good options and take your robe in case you want to go for a walk or get cold. If you would like recommendations for excellent nursing bras, postpartum undies, and breast feeding friendly nightgowns click HERE!
  • Rice bag, It is really nice to warm up the rice bag by putting it in a microwave and placing it on your hips or lower back if you are feeling back labor or pressure in the lower back.
  • ZenBand Headphones, click HERE to check out my video to learn what these are.
  • Massage oil, It feels really good for the partner to massage mom during labor so take some oil.
  • Essential oils, Make a room spray or take a diffuser and make your room smell like a spa instead of a bleachy hospital. Lavender and sweet orange are great for relaxation, peppermint is good to have in case you feel nauseous, and clary sage is one that is used for helping labore progress quickly. Always clear these with your doctor.
  • Chapstick!

Items for Baby:

  • Diapers, Of course the hospital does have diapers but depending on your insurance it could rack up your bill to get diapers from them. They will charge your insurance a lot more money for diapers then what you buy them for at the store and if insurance doesn’t pay the whole bill you have to pay the rest. You could end up paying $30 for a $8 pack of diapers!
  • Baby Mittens, Babies are born with really long nails and it is not recommended to clip them right away, so you need to put mittens on their hands or they will scratch their own faces. I also highly recommend you buy the long sleeve onsies that have built in mittens that you fold the clothe of the sleeve over the babies hand. This option is my favorite because they can not knock the mitten off this way.
  • Receiving blankets for cleaning up breast milk messes and burping baby.
  • Zip up footed pajamas for baby, NOT the button up ones.
  • Babies special outfit for pictures and coming home in.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby Oil, Baby’s first bowel movement will be meconium which is a very sticky, tary substance that is difficult to get off the baby’s delicate skin. Using oil on babies bottom will help that meconium baby poo come off the skin much easier. Just put some oil on baby’s skin when you go to clean the poo and make sure to put a good layer on after you clean it off before the next one happens, there will be many.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby Lotion, I only use chemical free products on my family. Babies are extremely sensitive to any chemical and absorb them more than adults do. I love the Earth Mama Angel Baby products and the Big Push Mama and Baby Gift Pack has everything you need in small sample sizes(even though the sample size will be plenty to last you as
    This is the kit that has everything you will need!

    long as you will need it) which make them super convenient to pack in your hospital bag. To check out the Earth Mama Angel Baby products click HERE.

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, diaper cream for baby just in case AND keep in mind it is always better to prevent diaper rash then treat diaper rash so use this as soon as you see any red starting on babies bottom.

Postpartum Items for Mom:

  • Phone charger, Ipod charger, Tablet charger, camera charger, don’t forget the chargers!
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Spray and Balm, After you have a baby things down there are sensitive and sore for a while. The spray is great because you are not going to want to touch the sensitive area but then the balm is even better than spray after a few days and you can handle putting it on.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter, if any breastfeeding issues arise and you get cracked or bleeding nipples you put this on and it soothes and heals them.
  • Breastfeeding pillow, you will be doing lots of nursing your new little squish and a pillow makes it much easier.

I hope this list of what to pack in your hospital bag is helpful to you. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the list. Best wishes for the birth of your baby!

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